Jim Stone Scholarship

  • The Innovations High School Jim Stone Scholarship Award Program
    The Innovations High School (IHS) Jim Stone Scholarship Award program is designed to reward selected IHS students by awarding them a $500 yearly scholarship. This scholarship is distributed quarterly in $125 allotments. As this program emphasizes scholastic achievement, leadership and vocational skills, it is requested that the students use this fund to support any educational and occupational needs that they may have. Students who receive this award may continue to be a recipient each year, for up to two years after graduation, as long as they continue to meet the program requirements. Jim Stone
  • Program Requirements
    Students active at Innovations:
    • Students are selected quarterly. Selected students must demonstrate good behavior and academic excellence (All A's and B's only) during the nominating quarter's grading period.
    • Once students are selected as first-time recipients, they must complete an application. As return recipients, students must demonstrate service learning or school club involvement.
  • Innovations Alumni Recipients
    All IHS students who graduate with scholarship eligibility remain eligible for the scholarship award under two conditions:
    1. Graduates must be actively enrolled in a college, university or trade school, and/ or hold a steady job, and
    2. Graduates must return to provide mentoring, tutoring, or some alumni service to the current student body for 10 hours each school year.
    Once students are admitted in this program they do not have to reapply for application, however students must continue to meet the requirements of the program.

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