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About Us: Parent Team

Innovations High School has a parent team that meets monthly during the school year. In order to accommodate parent schedules, these monthly update meetings will be offered in the evening.

Innovations challenges its students to strive for excellence, so it is important for students to be supported by their family and support systems outside of the school environment. The purpose of the parent team is to inform parents of school issues, student progress, and upcoming events. It also offers parents an opportunity to support the school through volunteerism and fundraising opportunities.

In addition to the monthly meetings, there will be monthly parent newsletters mailed to the address on file. It is important for parents to update address and telephone numbers with Innovations’ Office Manager. Innovations will also be offering quarterly enrichment workshops. The topics of these workshops will vary and parents will be notified of the agenda in a timely manner.

Please call 312-999-9360 for more information.

Last update: April 1, 2017

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