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About Us: Our Students

Innovations High School students are residents of the city of Chicago who reside throughout the city. We service 450 students. While our charter and campus are committed to providing a program of success for students seeking a high school diploma after dropping out or withdrawing from their previous school, many families have made their Innovations High School their school of choice for a quality education in a small school environment.

As mentioned above, a great number of our students are former dropouts, which means that there is a strong need for remediation and truancy/drop out prevention services. The culture of the Innovations High School campus is one of family and support for all students. Each student is assigned a staff advisor upon enrollment, and given support for a variety of needs throughout their residency as a Innovations High School student. Student Services and discipline are managed by the Dean of Students Office which works closely with Security staff and mentors to ensure a balance of supportive services for students.

Last update: April 1, 2017

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