Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation Standards
    A diploma from Innovations High School requires students to complete the following:
    • Language Arts = 4 (must include the IHS Senior Portfolio course)
    • Social Studies = 3 (must include 1 credit in US History and one semester of Consumer Ed/Economics)
    • Science = 2 (must include Biology or a course integrating Biology)
    • Math = 3 (must include one credit in Algebra and one credit including Geometry content)
    • Art, Vocational Ed or Foreign Language = 1
    • Health/P.E = 1
    • Electives = 4
    • Total = 18
    1. Complete 18 credits divided in the above areas
    2. Pass the Illinois and United States Constitution Test and a United States History course
    3. 40 hours in Community Service
    4. Minimum 10th grade reading level and month to month gains in reading measured by the STAR assessment
    5. Satisfactory completion of Senior Portfolio
    6. Have a minimum of 1 semester (90 days) residency requirement
  • Senior Portfolio Requirements
    Students will be enrolled in the Senior Portfolio class during the semester of their projected graduation. The Senior Portfolio is required for both January and June graduates. Students must complete and successfully present an approved portfolio to be considered candidates for graduation from Innovations. Students will not be guaranteed enrollment in the Senior Portfolio class, and not be considered potential graduates, unless they have completed all credit and graduation requirements necessary for that semester's graduation by the previous quarter. For January graduates, students must have all graduation requirements complete (with the exception of their final 3 classes) by the end of 1st quarter. For June graduates, students must have all graduation requirements complete (with the exception of their final 3 classes) by the end of 3rd quarter.
  • Next Steps Plan Requirement
    The Next Steps Plan is a required document that must be completed prior to graduation. All seniors must thoughtfully research and plan their next step for college or Career by completing the Next Steps Plan through the College, Career & Alumni Office. The Next Steps Plan includes the following: submitting proof of college applications, trade school applications, military ASVAB testing proof, acceptance letters, proof of FAFSA completion, scholarship applications, employment training program acceptance letters and gap year program acceptance letters. The Next Steps Plan is due no later than Friday, of the 5th week of the 3rd academic quarter. Students and parents may see the College, Career & Alumni Program Manager for details and assistance.
  • Applying for Graduation
    Once a student has completed and submitted their senior portfolio and 40 hours of community service, and has completed and passed the constitution test, the student may apply for graduation. Students must apply for graduation at the beginning of the semester if they plan to graduate. Students must be in good academic standing (not on academic probation) in order to apply for graduation. Students must only have one semester of coursework remaining to apply for graduation. Students are required to pass their remaining semester's coursework in order to graduate. Only students who complete their remaining semester's coursework with grades of "C"or better will be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony in June. Submitted applications will be reviewed by the IHS administration and students will be notified of their eligibility and approval for graduation in a timely manner. Applications for graduation are available in the Registrar's office.

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