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Forensic Science Club
The Innovations High School Forensic Science Club (IHSFSC) will learn about how forensic science investigators (forensic pathologists, CSI’s, forensic lab criminologists) use various state of the art techniques from all the sciences to help solve crimes. The club will examine different historical crime simulations learn forensic investigation (lab and field) techniques and investigate and solve an actual crime at school. Field trips to a county morgue and museums will be arranged. Can you use the scientific method to solve a crime? Forensic Science Club Sponsor: Mr. Ashkenaz

Inno MC's (MC Club)
Inno MC's is a club where artists can share their music, get feedback from other members, and collaborate with fellow classmates. Also, active club members can utilize Innovations' state-of-the-art studio to complete various musical projects. If you're looking for a group of motivated young new artists or just some people to freestyle with, look no further than Inno MC's!

Poetry Team
Innovations' Poetry Team meets weekly to write, share, listen to and perform poetry. The team participates in various writing and performance events and collaborations across the city with other young poets. For the past 13 years, our school has taken teams to perform at the Louder Than a Bomb Teen Poetry Festival. We have also had students participate in and win 1st place in the Walgreens Expressions contest (twice!). 


Student Council
Student council is the voice of the student body. We act as the student liaison to both the administration of the school and the organizations outside of our school. We work together to create Spirit Week, Homecoming, and other events around the school. Student council is always looking for enthusiastic members to make our club and our school a better place.


Art Club
Art club is a space for students to get involved in either guided artistic projects, or just do their own creative thing-no art skills required!


Sound Engineering Club
Here you will be able to learn how to record audio and learn to use the recording studio environment. This club has the opportunity for performance based members to be creative and capture their own works.


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